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When we go into a prison to play music we bring a complete five piece band supported by professional equipment and play a 90 minute program. Our music is blues-based, much of it original material written in the blues songwriting workshops. The heart of blues music is a community expression and we strive to create that atmosphere by involving inmates in singing and sometime playing with us.


We’ve got songs that address many of the life issues common to inmates in prison, and this builds a bridge of understanding and connection that allows us to also share about our faith in Jesus. We feel that there are adequate bible studies and discipleship programs in the correctional facilities so we purposed to not reproduce that activity, but rather to come as a blues band and do high quality concerts with a Christian message. We often find that inmates who would not attend a church service come to our concerts, and we become an entry point into the “church that meets behind bars.”


BBB began doing concerts in correctional institutions at the invitation of the chaplain at Sterling Correctional Facility in 2008. This was the spark that ignited a pursuit that later became blues behind bars. Recently, we have had the pleasure of expanding our reach to the inmates at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution in Nebraska.


We believe that these audiences are as important as any other and therefore we strive for excellence in our music. Because Jesus is all about leaving the 99 to seek the one!