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Blues Songwriting



Our songwriting workshops run in cycles of about three months and culminate in a concert presentation in the jail or prison, backed by our B3 band. Often, the songs have a life beyond those in-house concerts and are performed in other facilities, for the general public, or are recorded for distribution on line or airplay. 


Every person has a story. Blues is about telling those stories about real life. We began doing blues songwriting workshops in 2013 and have found it to be an amazing opportunity to connect with people in pain and brokenness. The process is a group collaboration where the lyrics are developed out of ideas shared by the participants. Since we are writing about life, we are talking about life and this creates an environment for speaking into the lives of the participants.


We believe that the arts build bridges. A further outcome of the songwriting program is bringing these stories to the general public, thereby creating bridges of understanding and compassion. 

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