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Programs Launched at Community Corrections in Fort Collins, Colorado

Just before Thanksgiving 2022 we were able to begin offering our blues songwriting workshops and Sunday evening worship gatherings at the Work Release Center. 

The Sunday gatherings are called "Music for the Soul and Spirit." Rather than a typical church service or Bible study we are using music to present Biblical truth and engage with the inmates. It's a mashup of a concert, a discussion group and a worship service where we seek to engage one on one with inmates for prayer ministry. We average 30 to 36 men and women attending these events and the feedback has been very positive.

Blues songwriting has been a feature of our work for several years now.The process involves hearing people's life story and creating songs that give voice to those experiences. The process is often therapeutic and opens up many opportunities to share counsel or pray for healing in areas of personal brokenness. We use those songs at our Music for the Soul and Spirit meetings.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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