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The name contains the vision for this event. Image - innate. There is an innate image in every human being on the planet, and that is something that, as followers of Jesus, we should value and celebrate. When we applied for, and received, a grant from the city of Fort Collins we were propelled into a new arena that expanded the vision for a Spanish and English concert into a one-day multicultural festival.

I, David, began reaching out to friends in my circle of relationships, shared the concept, and watched the Lord impart vision for doing this event to one person after another. As this grew it became evident that the idea was not just my own, and that the Holy Spirit was birthing something.

We are stepping into some new territory here as we have never done an event where we are partnering directly with the city. These days there are voices in the body of Christ that are speaking about Christians being involved in what they call the "Seven Mountains" of society. By that what is meant is seven areas of society that influence how people live and how they think. Examples would be economics, education, media, the arts, and so on. Imaginate! is an experiment in stepping onto the mountain of art, music and culture.

Our heart is to serve the city and make Fort Collins a better place to live by bringing our talents and gifts to bear. The core idea of celebrating the innate image in every human being speaks to building bridges between cultures that exist in our society. I believe that friendship and reconciliation is something on God's heart for our nation. We hope that our festival will be a demonstration of how art and creativity can help build those relationships and bridges.

September 25th, from 11Am to 9:30 PM is our window of time. We are asking to "rend the heavens and come down" to meet us in out dance, music and art. It's a lot of work. We think it will be wonderful! Co

me out and join me, please!!!

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